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Site load balancing

Can anyone tell me a good way to load balance outbound connections between 2 different sites that are connected with high speed fiber metro links? I have 2 sites with the same ISP providing outbound access at both sites. Each site has users and servers. I have a 1 GB connection between sites and would like to have automatic failover of internet traffic from either site if the link to the ISP at either site is broken. We would like to implament ASA at each edge connection and I need some direction on how to best accomplish the automatic failover / load balancing of outbound traffic.



Re: Site load balancing

first of all

with cisco ASA u cant do loadbalancing but u can do primary and back method as u stated u the firewall will failover the other link in case of the active one goes down

the following link will give a step-by-step config and desicrition regarding ur case:

good luck

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Re: Site load balancing

What you want can be done with Nokia IP

appliances. Nokia IPSO can do load-sharing

outbound Internet connection for you. This

features is built-in the Nokia IPSO system.

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Re: Site load balancing

I don't think you can accomplish this with a single ASA. If you used 2 ASAs on each side you could implement an IGP like EIGRP to load-balance across the equal-cost paths. I'd rather do this with routers though.

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