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Some important Questions ???


I wan t some refferences from the internet plz help me out... ??

1) defination of bandwidth..

2) defference between L2 and L3

3) load balaning to WAN conventions.

4) Screaming Router

5) Ip splicing/hijacking

6)can we block traogan horse from router ???

waiting for ur response.

thanks and regards


Re: Some important Questions ???

Bandwidth is a central concept in many fields, including information theory, radio communications, signal processing, and spectroscopy. Bandwidth is related to channel capacity for information transmission and often the two can be confused. In particular, in common usage "bandwidth" also refers to data (information) transmission rates when communicating over certain media or devices.

Re: Some important Questions ???

Hi there,

1) defination of bandwidth.. => rate of data transmission

2) defference between L2 and L3 => Check OSI Levels/Layers:

L2 is called Data Link Layer and is the one that uses MAC as plain addressing, this one is used by the L2 switches to forward the traffic

L3 is called Network Layer and is used for structured addressing like IP address. This is where routers and L3 switches will route the traffic based on addressing. The filtering usually takes place at this layer.

3) load balaning to WAN conventions. => It will require some routing protocol that has load balancing capabilities. IF connected to the internet BGP will be used.

4) Screaming Router => dono

5) Ip splicing/hijacking => is the process of a hacker that will predict a session number and use it to take over a legitimate session (usually TCP). The target station will not know that the peer has been changed.

6)can we block traogan horse from router ??? => only if the router has Intrusion Detection/PRotection capabilities.


How i got the link? Google on "understanding networking" and ""

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