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SSH login failure - ssh_init process?

Hi All,

I have an ASA which I am unable to log in to via SSH when I have been previously.

I SSH into the firewall and the TCP connection is created but it is instantly brought down by a TCP RST packet after the 3 way handshake is complete(per a packet capture).

I am able to successfully telnet into the firewall.

I have deleted and re-created the RSA keys without luck. The normal SSH <ip address> lines are in the config for my source network.

The following line appears in the logs and validates my packet sniff :

%ASA-6-302014: Teardown TCP connection 401094 for LAV-LAN: to NP Identity Ifc: duration 0:00:00 bytes 0 TCP Reset-I

I have not rebooted the FW as yet as it is a 24 hour site and even a 5 min reboot is an issue as no failover etc.

I did notice that there are numerous (ie 5) ssh_init processes running when there are no SSH sessions open (per "sh ssh sessions").

Is anyone aware of a bug which may be causing this? There have been some relating to ssh but the release notes are not big on detail. This firewall is running "Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 7.0(5)"



New Member

Re: SSH login failure - ssh_init process?

Have you changed ssh clients? ASA supports SSH v1 and v2.

Also, if you have ADSM up, what messages occur during the SSH negotiation?

New Member

Re: SSH login failure - ssh_init process?

I have tried two SSH clients and I specifically forced the use of both v1 and v2 with no luck as well as auto.

I don't use ASDM - however the log entry above was from "sh logg asdm" which I assume is the logs which get given to the asdm client.



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