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Static Entries

Just a general question. Thanks to several of you, I was able to perform port redirection on one of my external IPs and redirect it to a different address and port on the inside.

However, since I did this, I find that I need to create static entries for all other ports used by this address as well. I never had to do this before.

In the past, I could create a static entry and redirect traffic from an external address to an internal address. If I wanted to open a port, I did it with the ACL. Now that I have port redirection for one of my addresses, it seems that I have to have a static entry for all other ports. Is this normal?

I also found that once I redirected the port, I can't even ping the outside address. I can access it using the ports I've opened, but not ping.

Sorry for my ignorance, but I would like to understand what the PIX is doing.


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Re: Static Entries

port redirection is different from a static in that a static is a 1 to 1 mapping of ip's.

Once you set up the static port redirection, it basically is only redirecting for the ports you specified. To have it redirect other ports, you must create additional redirects.



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