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STS Tunnel in between Cisco ASA and Meraki Firewall

Hello Experts,

We are in process of configuring the syslog server which is placed at remote site and the STS Tunnel is established to send the Meraki syslogs over the Tunnel which is working fine. The local LANS of both sites can communicate each other without issue but we are facing an issue wherein when the traffic leaves the traffic from Meraki firewall then it uses the Meraki wan interface IP and in syslog it's being used as a source which can't be added in encryption list on Meraki firewall unfortunately as there is no option available to get the wan IP added to encryption list. Can somebody please advise on how to solve this issue? I also searched an option to get the source IP changed from wan to Inside interface IP which is still not possible on Meraki firewall.

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I am not very familiar with

I am not very familiar with Meraki, but I did come across this document...hope it will help you out.


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