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Suggestion to firewall a biometric timeclock

All Experts,

                      I want to see what would be the best practice to get a finger print scanner.  We recently hired a contract company to come in and bring in some temps to come in and do some work.  Well, they want their temps to scan their fingerprint on a timeclock and they way they can keep track of what time they come in and out (as well as bill purposes).  Well, I want to see would the best way to do this?  We do not want any other equipment that is not controlled by us to be on our corp network.  One thought I had was to put them on the DMZ network and just give it a NAT address from a public IP to the biometric device itself with a ACL list?  Also, I was told that they could possible have someone there from their corp network plug in and access their site as well.  I am sure I can put the one user on the guest network.  I am more concern about the biometric device if anything.  Any suggestions on what I can do here or recommend best practice?  

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