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SW-6509-FWSM failover Troubleshooting First aid

Fault Description:


active  FWSM and standby FWSM  inside interface Between,ping fails。

on side FWSM---active: ping -------OK,ping fails;

on side FWSM---standby: ping,ping fails;

but,active  FWSM and standby FWSM  outside interface between,ping OK。

on side FWSM---active:ping  、  ping、ping、ping -----------All OK;

on side FWSM---standby:ping 、  ping 、ping、ping OK;


Another problem:

active  FWSM and standby FWSM  inside interface,ping  7706-------All fails。

Summary:May be caused fwsm。

Topology :Attachment


FWSM#                       show failover state

====My State===

Primary | Active |

====Other State===

Secondary | Standby |

====Configuration State===

    Interface config Syncing - STANDBY

    Sync Done

====Communication State===

    Mac set

=========Failed Reason==============

My Fail Reason:

    Ifc Failure

Other Fail Reason:

    Comm Failure

FWSM# show failover

Failover On

Failover unit Primary

Failover LAN Interface: lan Vlan 997 (up)

Unit Poll frequency 1 seconds, holdtime 15 seconds

Interface Poll frequency 15 seconds

Interface Policy 50%

Monitored Interfaces 42 of 250 maximum

Config sync: active

Version: Ours 4.0(13), Mate 4.0(13)

Last Failover at: 19:08:24 Beijing Dec 2 2013

    This host: Primary - Active

        Active time: 358944 (sec)

    Interface outside ( Normal

    Interface inside ( Normal (Not-Monitored)

    Other host: Secondary - Standby Ready

        Active time: 0 (sec)

    Interface outside ( Normal

    Interface inside ( Normal (Not-Monitored)

(Not-Monitored) -----------------??????

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