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Telnet to router on ASA Outside


I have a 7206 VXR router with advanced ip services image connected via its gig ethernet port to the ASA's outside interface. I can telnet from any pc behind the ASA to any serial interface on the 7206, but I cannot telnet to the gig ethernet interface connected to ASA.

There are no access lists blocking telnet on the ASA or 7206. Do I need to establish ipsec to telnet to the 7206 and if this is the case, will SSH suffice or it has to be IPSEC?

Or is the advanced ip services image denying telnet on the routers ethernet ports?

All help is appreciated.


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Re: Telnet to router on ASA Outside

Without seeing the configs it's difficult to say what is the problem but in answer to your general query you should be able to telnet from the inside of the ASA to the 7206VXR gigabit interface. I have done this sort of setup many times before.

Are you running a firewall on the 7206, or using access-lists on either the interface or the vty lines ?

And are you allowing telnet through to this address on the ASA ?


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Re: Telnet to router on ASA Outside

Thanks for the feedback...

The problem was a routing issue, some duplicate route on another network that was receiving telnet requests instead of the ASA.

Thanks again.

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