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transform physical to virtual pix 525 v7


i want to know the easiest way to transform physical interfaces to virtual. Because, i need to create others vlans, i need to move my configuration on virtual subinterfaces. Can you tell me how to take an interface and his configuration and move it to a new one with the same nameif that should keep my configuration.

thank you

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Re: transform physical to virtual pix 525 v7

I'm thinking that the last time I did that, I found out that the nameif names arent portable.

Assume the following: nameif 'outside' is currently on e0/0, and then you reconfigure everything it and its on e0/0.1, and rename e0/0 to be nameif 'outside-trunk'

If you then check your NAT statements, access-group statments, etc, they'll reference outside-trunk, not just 'outside'.

So the solution is make a copy of the config, remove all of the statements refering the interface your changing, then change the interfaces, moving the nameif to wherever you want it, then reapply the old config.

Its been a while since I've done this, but I'm pretty sure that above is the case.

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Re: transform physical to virtual pix 525 v7

thank you for your help but i want to keep the same interface name.

I want to know if when i use no nameif it keeps old the ACL and NAT rules for this nameif.

Is there a better way than to replace it with wordpad or something like that because i will have to virtualize all my physical interfaces in a couple of weeks


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