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Translate 1 public ip into 2 local web portals

Hello, i have problems in translating 1 public ip into 2 local web servers.

I've already use global(outside) and nat (inside) command to set the dynamic NAT but i can't access web using that public ip.

Before, i translate one of the local web server to that ip public and it works using static nat.

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Re: Translate 1 public ip into 2 local web portals

Hi Charles

Are your web servers using the same port ?

If so you won't be able to use the same public IP for both web servers. If they are using different ports then you will.


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Re: Translate 1 public ip into 2 local web portals

Presumably you will not want users of either website to type in a port number.

AS you are dealing with only one external ip address and one port you can only direct this to one internal web server.

One option is to purchase another IP address and use a separate fully qualified domain name. ( a common example of this would be to point to and to where www points to the normal webserver and points to an outlook web access server)

You could do it with only the one ip by writing a script on one webserver that looks for the typed url and redirects according ly

In asp that would be something on the lines of...


if Url = "" then

response.redirect ""

end if

not really a cisco solution but it should work fine.


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