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Trying to backup transparent context to a share-server

Does anyone know how to be able to copy run tftp from a transparent context to a share-server? We have routed contexts which I can copy the configs all day but since there is no IP we can't do this. I've tried adding a BVI to the context but no luck. Any ideas are welcome, I hate the thought of backing up 27-contexts manually each day.

TIA - john


Re: Trying to backup transparent context to a share-server

By default, all ARP packets are allowed through the security appliance. You can control the flow of ARP packets by enabling ARP inspection.

When you enable ARP inspection, the security appliance compares the MAC address, IP address, and source interface in all ARP packets to static entries in the ARP table, and takes the following actions:

"If the IP address, MAC address, and source interface match an ARP entry, the packet is passed through.

"If there is a mismatch between the MAC address, the IP address, or the interface, then the security appliance drops the packet.

"If the ARP packet does not match any entries in the static ARP table, then you can set the security appliance to either forward the packet out all interfaces (flood), or to drop the packet.

Refer to Configuring ARP Inspection and Bridging Parameters for Transparent Mode for more information

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