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Trying to carry multiple DMZs over a 10GB line to a VMware ESXi host


     I'm working with my agency's networking team to see if a Nexus 7000 is capable of being configured to carry mutliple networks/VLANs, including three DMZs, through a single port (10GB connection) to a VMware ESXi host.  We are trying to get all traffic, including VMotion, to flow over two such cables per ESXi host, and use VMware virtual switches to distribute the packets appropriately when they arrive.

     Now, from what I've read, a vDC won't cut it, since actual physical ports are assigned to each vDC.  I'm not familiar with the technology that a Nexus switch entails, so could someone please let me know if carrying separate DMZs over one connection between the Nexus and the host is possible, and if so, what product feature is used to do so?  Also, could you let me know how the associated firewalls would need to be configured?

     Thanks a ton for any info!!!


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