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Two Internet Connections Two Separate Locations, Same Provider

If a customer wants two separate internet connections at two separate locations, one primary and one for backup. Can I, without running BGP, run rip on the internet router, rip on the firewall, and rip on the WAN router and have them back each other up?


Re: Two Internet Connections Two Separate Locations, Same Provid

Hi ..

I am not sure about using RIP.

You could run OSPF on your MPLS

You could run a private AS between you and your provider using BGP. Your border routers will be running BGP and OSPF. You could then inject a default route with different metrics in to OSPF. In that way the primary ISP link will have preference over the backup. Of course assuming your firewall supports OSPF - Cisco ASA does :-). You could arrange with your provider for dynamically re-routing any traffic initiated from the Internet towards any Public ranges that you might have so it takes the backup path instead. This could be achieved by using as-path prepend when advertising from your border routers .. Your ISP should be able to help you with that.

I hope it helps ..

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Re: Two Internet Connections Two Separate Locations, Same Provid

Hi Patrick,

You can use Rip but for sure you need to arganize this with your ISP so he can run it too on his edge routers and allow RIP updates through his MPLS network and so acheive a backup ineternet line.

Best regards,

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