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Unable to Access POP3 (995) PORT through workstation - PIX525


I have strange issue, ports allowed from PIX525 for 995, 993 and 587, however workstation still having issues to access pop3.

Network Design:

Workstations >>>>>>>>>> Cisco C3750 L3 >>>>>>>>>> PIX525 

L3 switch: VLAN1 using route map policy and pop, smtp allowed.....

Switch Configuration attached .. Firewall Configuration will be communicated if required.







VIP Purple

Is your firewall working in

Is your firewall working in general? And if you say that POP3 is not working, do you say that IMAPs and Submission *is* working? If yes, and you allowed all the needed ports on the firewall, the PIX is probably not the cause of the problem.

But your switch-config deserves a severe clean-up. For example you have a default-route configured, but in your route-map you send specific traffic to exactly that next-hop that is also used in the default-route. So what is your route-map for?

And have you controlled if your client is really correctly configured? With the given port-number your client has to be configured for POP3s and not for POP3.

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Hi Karsten,My firewall is

Hi Karsten,

My firewall is serving two purpose VPN and stateful inspection... POP3 is working fine.... we have taken microsoft Exchange online solution and few of the clients and accounts still needs to use POP & SMTP instead of IMAP...  yes POP3s has been configured 995 and encrypted session SSL to fetch mails from the exchange server.... but in vein...

We also have Proxy Gateway for client (Blue Coat SSG) and necessary ports are already opened.

Any further suggestions.




New Member

The issue has been solved by

The issue has been solved by removing the implicit rule and apply the ACL again..

Thank you!


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