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New Member

unable to backup image


I am having problem to back up image file of FWSM in 6509-E , I am doing it as below,

FWSM-1# show flash

flash file system: version:3 magic:0x12345679

file 0: origin: 0 length:5865472

file 1: origin: 5865472 length:5548904

file 2: origin:11414528 length:5019

file 3: origin:11419648 length:28371

file 4: origin:21085696 length:280


FWSM-1# dir flash:

Directory of flash:/

2 -rw- 5548904 <no date> asdm

1 -rw- 5865472 <no date> image

3 -rw- 28371 <no date> startup-config


FWSM-1# copy flash:image tftp:

Source filename [image]?

Address or name of remote host []?

Destination filename [image]?

Failed to open image in flash.

if I copy startup-config file, its work fine,

is image file has hidden extension other than bin?



Re: unable to backup image


The command you entered is OK

copy flash:image tftp://X.X.X.X/image where X.X.X.X is the IP of your tftp server. It could be some limitation with your current tftp application. I suggest you try this tftp program

New Member

Re: unable to backup image


I am still unable to copy through this tftpd32 software.


Hall of Fame Super Silver

Re: unable to backup image

Mohammed originally posted this question in the WAN Routing and Switching forum. I provided some answers and we had some following posts to clarify some aspects of the problem. I came to the conclusion that the real problem is that the FWSM supports TFTP of the image to flash but does not support TFTP from flash. Then Mohammed posted the same question here. I still believe that the issue is that it is not supported to TFTP from flash. If anyone can offer any reference to show that it is supported then Mohammed and I would appreciate it. Otherwise I think that my theory is correct.



New Member

Re: unable to backup image

well this is what i see on the fwsm:

fwsm# copy ?

Usage: copy http[s]://[:@][:]/

flash:[image | pdm]

copy [/noconfirm] http[s]://[:@][:]/


copy http[s]://[:@][:]/

[startup-config | running-config]

copy ftp://[[:]@]/[;type=]

flash:[image | pdm]

copy [/noconfirm] ftp://[[:]@]/[;type=]


copy ftp://[[:]@]/[;type=]

[startup-config | running-config]

copy tftp[:[[//location][/pathname]]] flash:[image | pdm]

copy [/noconfirm] tftp[:[[//location][/pathname]]] disk:[]

copy tftp[:[[//location][/pathname]]] [startup-config | running-config]

copy flash:[image | pdm] tftp[:[[//location][/pathname]]]

copy [/noconfirm] flash:[image | pdm] disk:[]

copy flash:[image | pdm]


copy [/noconfirm] disk:[] tftp[:[[//location][/pathname]]]

copy [/noconfirm] disk:[] disk:[]

copy [/noconfirm] disk:[] flash:[image | pdm ]

copy [/noconfirm] disk:[] [startup-config | running-config]

copy [/noconfirm] disk:[] ftp://[[:]@]/[;type=]

copy [startup-config | running-config] tftp[:[[//location][/pathname]]]

copy [/noconfirm] [startup-config | running-config] disk:[]

copy [startup-config | running-config]


copy startup-config running-config

copy running-config startup-config

copy capture:[/] tftp:/// [pcap]

New Member

Re: unable to backup image

this is working with our fwsm when using a ftp box:

fwsm# sh ver

FWSM Firewall Version 2.3(2)

FWSM Device Manager Version 4.1(3)

Compiled on Wed 06-Apr-05 13:08 by dalecki

fwsm# copy flash:image