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unable to ping server thru pix

unable to ping server behind pix.

can ping from mgmt network to firewall

can ping from firewall to mgmt network, proxy, servers, etc

seems a if NAT isnt working?

Thanks for any info.

config attached


Re: unable to ping server thru pix

correct, it doesnt look like you are doing NAT properly. you need to nat an oustide address to an inside address.


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Re: unable to ping server thru pix

thanks brad.

i've got the entire /23 ip range assigned for usage to those devices behind the firwall. connections will be bi-directional (ie, inside will access devices behind firewall and vice versa). will this require static statements for EACH device behind firewall?

what is the syntax which would automatically nat the traffic from outside to inside?

Re: unable to ping server thru pix

Do the devices behind the firewall just need access to the outside, or are you running a webserver, mail server, etc, that outside traffic needs to access?

Try a one-to-one static NAT for the box you are trying to ping.


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