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Upgrade ASA 5550 from IOS from System image file asa824-k8.bin

Hi guys,

I am currently managing two ASA5550 that are running a quite outdated (14-Dec-10) System image file (asa824-k8.bin). These firewalls are working in Active/Standby mode.

I'd like to update their System Image to their newest release, but I cannot risk to mess up their configuration. Some time ago, I had issues upgrading my ASA5505 from version 8.X to 9.X so I want to avoid experiencing the same problem again.

I've read some documentation and I've realised that the best way to operate, is to upgrade from version 8.2 to version 8.3 as intermediate step. The very last 8.3 version is 8.3.2 and its release date is 02-AUG-2010.

First question: The new release is even older than the one currently in use (Aug 2010 vs Dec 2010). Can this situation mess up the startup configuration?

Once updated to 8.3.2, the documentation says that I can upgrade straight to the very last one (asa846-k8.bin). For the moment, I prefer to avoid changing major release, as version 8.4.6 was released on 29-APR-2013.

Second question: is what I have just said correct?

Third question: I used to update my ASA 5505 at home via ASDM. Now I have to upgrade two devices and I am worried about having problem with the redundancy. Do I have to upgrade the firmware just one the active firewall or do I have to perform the same task on both the firewalls?


Dario Vanin

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