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upgrade asa license server

We have ASA used for SSL and IPSEC remote access with shared license, one license server and no backup.  We plan to go from 8.2.5 to 8.4.1  It appears i need to go to 8,3.x first is this correct?  The other questions is which do we do first, the ASA thats is the license server or the memebers?  Do i need to get them all done at the same time or do i have some 'leeway'?  What happens while they are code mismatched?

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upgrade asa license server

Yes you have to go through 8.2 to 8.3 agnd then 8.4 version. What i suggest you is go through the release notes of the OS version which you are referring.

Am not pretty sure about your second query.

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upgrade asa license server

Hi Bro

Yes, you can upgrade just one Cisco ASA FW and not the other. Most of us do that, to ensure the new software image code is in good working order, before we proceed to upgrade the other unit. It doesn't matter, which unit you upgrade first PRIMARY or SECONDARY. Just make sure, which ever unit you upgrade, because the ACTIVE unit.

However, both the Cisco FW MUST share the same major train. This means FW1 v8.2.5, and FW2 v8.2.1, this is fine because the major train is 8.2 but NOT FW1 v8.2.5, and FW2 v8.0.4. Even though I have tried this, but you'll bound to have issues with your ACTIVE/STANDBY failover.

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Warm regards, Ramraj Sivagnanam Sivajanam Technical Specialist/Service Delivery Manager – Managed Service Department
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