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Upgrade Cisco ASA IOS

Hi All,


I have 4 firewalls to upgrade to the last version of IOS firewall's Cisco (9.3(1)).

First one is on: 8.0(3)19 version

2nd is on: 8.2(2)

3rd one is on : 8.2(1) version

The last one is on: 8.6(1)2 version.


What is the process to apply for these upgrades? (otherwise, what ios's must i use to upgrade each firewall).

Many thanks for your help.



Cisco Employee

See if this helps you. The

See if this helps you. The upgrades have to be incremental and will have two or more steps. For 8.0, you can move to first 8.2 and for others, use the table below.

Current ASA ImageFirst UpgradeFinal Upgrade
8.2.x8. or later, 9.1.3 or later
8.3.x8. or later, 9.1.3 or later
8.4.1 through, or later, 9.1.3 or later
8.5.x9. or later or later or later and later
(to include 9.0.2 and later)
Not Applicable9.1.3 or later or later and laterNot Applicable9.1.3 or later
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In addition to the table

In addition to the table posted by zujalal, please note that your older firewalls (#1-3) are ASA 5500 series, not the newer 5500-X series.

The 5500 series devices are end of sales and the post-9.1(x) code is not available for them - nor will it be developed. The latest version currently available for them is 9.1(5).

By the way, the software is simply "ASA software" - it's not IOS.

Hi, You can go through cisco



You can go through cisco supports and downloads with your cco login and choose your appropriate model.... it will suggest you the latest / last updated version of OS for you. Make sure that you check the RAM requirement and Memeory requirement before you download OS. For 5500(old series), i can say 9.1x version is the last update..... only when you have x-series fw's you can go with the latest releases.....

For eg: For ASA 5510

Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Software
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