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Upgrade of Cisco ASA 5505 software (7.2 to latest) for Android VPN

Yesterday I purchased the Cisco ASA 5505 to use as firewall and VPN server for my Android mobile phone.

According to the following post however a more recent software version is required to connect an Android phone to the VPN:

The firewall is installed with 256mb ram and as it seems 512mb is required for the latest software.

My questions are:

1) is it really required (or advised) to upgrade the software to the latest 8.4.3 to connect an android phone to VPN?

2) how can I obtain an software upgrade and if required, RAM upgrade? And how much does this cost?

I hope someone on this forum is able to help me.

Best Regards,


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Re: Upgrade of Cisco ASA 5505 software (7.2 to latest) for Andro


If you have a Cisco ASA 5505 with Base License and the "show version" shows the following line:

Inside Hosts                      : 10      or 50  

It means you wont have to do a memory upgrade atleast.

As soon as you need more users allowed behind the ASA and upgrade the license, you will need more memory than 256mb

Heres the information from Ciscos on material

At the moment I cant answer your other questions.

We have a single supplier that provides us with all the Cisco related software/license/hardware. Im sure someone who knows better can answer this. Maybe some Cisco employee reading these forums?

- Jouni

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Upgrade of Cisco ASA 5505 software (7.2 to latest) for Android V

Hi Jouni!

Thank you very much for your extensive reply!

I have an unlimited licence and in the "About Cisco ASA" screen it sais "This platform has a Base license."

In the main overview "Total Memory" states 256 mb.

I am just using the firewall for 1 single Android phone and minor usage from a laptop. I purchased the unlimited licence because the 10 and 50-user licence versions were sold out in all webshops and weren't deliverable until next month.

Do you happen to know how I can download the software update? Will I need to purchase it from a local Cisco dealer or could it be done online?

Best Regards,


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