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Upgrading a PIX520

Have a PIX 520 (diskette model) OS=6.3 16MB Flash 256MB RAM unlimited license but no boothelper image file. How can I upgrade the OS image without a boothelper file? Or where can get one?

Standard TFTP upgrade procedure does not work because the PIX OS refuses to overwrite the old image file and theres not enough space in Flash to have both the old and the new one


Re: Upgrading a PIX520

Hi Warren, it will be dificult to find software for this model as this model reached end of life back in 2001, it is no even supported under smartnet.. yes you can find documentation still, but there is no software available.

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Re: Upgrading a PIX520

Thanks for the reply,

My thinking was that if I could somehow clear the flash image file then I could install version 7.3 of the PIX IOS since all hardware requirements are more than satisfied.

My question is can I boot the system into ROM-Monitor mode without using the Boothelper diskette?

Community Member

Re: Upgrading a PIX520

Sorry but that is not possible, the newer versions do not support the hardware in your 520, which BTW you should be thankful that its still running, its very old, which considering means your network is nto being protected like it should be.

Sounds like a good sales pitch.. i wonder if cisco is hiring :-)

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