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Using Apple AirPort Extreme as DHCPD with ASA 5505

Hi there,

We want to use an Apple AirPort Extreme and the ASA 5505 to provide a single internal network with internet access. We've got a static IP address (gateway etc.) from our ISP.

Because the ASA does not support static MAC address based DHCP binding, we'd like to use the AirPort Extreme's DHCP services.

We are having huge difficulties setting this up (and we are pretty new to ASA9. Could anybody provide us with some basic instructions as to how to lay this out?

Some key questions are:

  • Should we connect the ASA's outside network and ethernet 0/0 interface to the ISP's router and assign the static IP address and gateway to it, or should we connect the AirPort Extreme to the ISP's network (internet)?

  • If we connect ASA's outside network to the ISP, how would we integrate the AirPort Extreme to provide DHCP services? The problem is, that putting the AirPort Extreme in bridge mode stops its DHCP services.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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