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VPN client for Vista.

Hi Guys,

I have setup a reomote access VPN on my 5505 using the vpn wizard. It is all fairly straight foward.

I'm running ASA version 7.2 and Have got the vpn client version 5.

Now I am running Vista on my laptop which is on an external network all together. And I've been trying for the last 4 hours or so and still can't get it to connect to my server :(.

I get the error message : 412- saying the gateway is taking too long to respond... The VPN adapter is enabled, but it wasn't by default for some reason.

There appears there is a LOT of people having problems with this....

I know there have been improvements with the ANYwhere connect and version 8. But I don't have those...

can anyone help?

PS - How do I give a rating on this forum. Some guys have helped me out on previous posts and I want to give them a good rating.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: VPN client for Vista.

The VPN client adapter by default is disabled, and will be automatically enabled when you try to connect.

Could you send some logs? (vpn client or/and ASA)

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Re: VPN client for Vista.

Thanks for the reply... theres been a little bit of a change in situation... my Vista installed kind of got a little "messed up". Anyway I'm switching back to XP and will test the VPN client again tonight and will post my results.

Thanks very much for the reply.

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Re: VPN client for Vista.


New Member

Re: VPN client for Vista.

Hi Me again. I've tried the same VPN client(version 5) on XP and I'm having the same problems :(.

The error I'm getting in 412: the remote peer is no longer responding.

To explain my basic network setup its;

ISP -> modem/router -> ASA - > INSIDE/DMZ

My router/modem recieves a public address from my ISP and my modem/ router assigns a DHCP based address to the outside interface.

At the moment I have internet connectivity from the outside and a webserver setup with authentication on the DMZ made publically available....

I'm starting to think that maybe I need to port forward the VPN traffic in my router????

anyway I have attached my router config and the log from my VPN client. I hope someone can help and explain what i'm doing wrong.


New Member

Re: VPN client for Vista.

move your webserver to inside and stick your ASA into the DMZ, then use the ASA to publish the web server to the outside.



New Member

Re: VPN client for Vista.

My webserver? I didn't think I mentioned my webserver.... anyway... I got it working in the end.... I ended up having to go with IPSec/TCP.

I could get it working using IPSec over Nat... even though i'm port forwarding udp 4500 on my router.

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