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Websense URL filtering inter VRF is not working

We have a 3925 router connected to the internet and several guest vlans on  VRFs 1, 2, 3. We are trying to implement URL filtering by using a websense server which is in VRF 4. Problem is the show ip url filter statistics is not showing any traffic stats at all. Is this setup supported or is the placement of the websense server incorrect?

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Hi, I am having the same



I am having the same problematic. I am wondering is it is possible to have the websense server on a different vrf. I did some route leaking with bgp to be able to access the websense server but it does not work.

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Are you using wccp redirect? 

Are you using wccp redirect?  I think you would just need to make sure you're leaking the default route to any VRF you want to serve and making sure you can ping the websense IP address referenced on your router config from the source IP address of the firewall used in your websense config.  To my knowledge, there is no restriction here.  I know WAAS doesn't work in a multi-VRF scenario, you need one WAAS per VRF, but I don't think a similar restriction applies with Websense. 

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