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What are these ASA "Editions"?

I am looking into purchasing some ASAs and found that they are trying to sell them as "editions". IE "Content Security Edition" "IPS Edition" "SSL/IPsec Edition" "Business Edition".

Where can I find detailed info on the differences (preferably all in one document) between these editions? I found a web page for each and printed off the "brochure" that each offered but it talks in general high level useless sales terms about what each package is.

I am looking for specific benefits and drawbacks of each package.

Also do I have to buy one of these editions or can I just buy an ASA with the options I want?

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Re: What are these ASA "Editions"?

You can buy them as just firewalls and then add in the features you want. The bundles are just to make life easier.


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Re: What are these ASA "Editions"?


some of the "editions" are indicative of the SSM modules that go into the ASA. Each ASA can only take 1 SSM module so an IPS edition and a content filtering edition are mutually exclusive.

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Re: What are these ASA "Editions"?

thats what i figured...but how can i find out what the breakdown is of what stuff is in what edition? Or is it just the VPN edition is a firewall and the VPN ssm and thats it??

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