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What is the latest Hotfix for the ASA CSC-SSM-20 6.6 code?

A couple of months ago, there was a flurry of posts around hotfixes for the CSC-SSM-20 module. Some updates were required to properly process updates.


As a result of that we ended up with hotfix # 1146, which Magnus Mortensen pointed us towards (Thanks, Magnus!)


My question is, what is the latest hotfix / patch for the CSC-SSM-20 with v6.6 code?



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The CSC-SSM has not been sold

The CSC-SSM has not been sold for over five years. According to the EoS/EoL announcement, February 2010 was to have been the last date any maintenance was released for the software.

The download page for it indicates that 6.6.1125 was the last publicly available release (June 2011). It sounds like you might have received an update after that release from the TAC directly. I doubt you'll see anything newer.

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It may have been a TAC

It may have been a TAC-initiated fix, but after a SSL certificate update 6 months back, the auto-update functionality stopped working correctly, and an update was released to address this.

Follow on updates were released to address specific issues introduced (or aggravated by) the hotfix.


By digging through the forums, I have located hotfix 1140, 1144, 1145, and then finally hotfix 1146 (released March 7, 2014).


I'm just kinda looking for any kind of "official word" on what's the latest (or last) hotfix available for the 6.6 code.



As a side note, the EOS/EOL announcement you reference was for the 6.0 CSC code.

The 6.1/6.2/6.3 code line has a different EOS/EOL announcement (which seems to indicate these code lines are under engineering support until November 5, 2015):


I can't find a similar announcement for the 6.6 code which leads me to believe it is still under engineering support.


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Follow on:  Cisco Support

Follow on:  Cisco Support referred me to Hotfix # 1155 as the latest, with release notes current as of August 5, 2014.

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Hi Scott,I'm having issues

Hi Scott,

I'm having issues with auto-update and manual update for the fix 1155 as well. Have you heard about any new fixes? Are you experiencing similar issues with fix 1155 ?




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