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Windows XP firewall and Cisco ASA 5510 issue

I have a client that I replaced their Sonicwall firewall with an ASA 5510 with the AIP-SSM 10 module. Their users have the Windows XP firewall running on their computers and it seems to be causing an issue with their connectivity to the internet. If they disable the windows firewall, connect to the internet and then re-enable the windows firewall, they are fine and can continue to surf the internet.

They did not have this problem with their old firewall, so I am wondering why now that with the ASA they are. I told them to just disable the windows firewall since it's not really providing much protection. However, they would like a solution to this issue. I did find that the windows firewall is stateful, so I don't know if that is the issue.

TIA for your help.


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Re: Windows XP firewall and Cisco ASA 5510 issue

Need to see some more information. When the hosts cant connect do they have IP addresses? If so then have a user attempt and do the following command before they attempt to do the present workaround:

sh local clientipaddress

Post the results here.

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Re: Windows XP firewall and Cisco ASA 5510 issue

Yes, they have IP addresses. They can browse the network fine. The problem happens when the try to access the internet and no other time.

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