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Wireless access point using home base router?

So I want to use my WRT54GL with DDWRT standard firmware and I want to use it as my wireless access point.

I have a Cisco ASA firewall and I want to connect the WRT54GL to it.

The firewall is providing DHCP and routing to different network.

How do I setup the WRT54GL??  Having great deal of trouble configuring it to talk with my firewall...   Just wanted the WRT54GL to act as a access point (like a wireless switch) and nothing else!

Or is there a way to setup WRT54GL to access point mode only?  It seems that if I connect the firewall to the WAN port of the WRT54GL router, I will have to create another network...  which i dont want, as I want both firewall and wireless to be on same network.

Do I connect firewall to the WAN port on the WRT54GL? Any hint?

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