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X-series ASA sends out dhcp requests on Gi0/4 by default???

Has anyone else noticed the on the new ASA X series that it sends out DHCP requests constantly every 1 minute on Gi0/4 even when an IP address has been configured and all dhcpd config has been cleared. (clear config dhcpd and clear config dhcprelay)

I have checked 4 different ASA's even upgraded to 9.1(2) still happens. I have a call open with Cisco on this but just wondered if anyone else noticed this.

Also, it does not show up on a capture on the ASA sending the request. Only way I noticed was a directly connected Checkpoint logs were dropping the request.

I connected wireshark to each of the ASA interfaces, only GI0/4 is sending the requests.

The ASA also sends out requests early in boot so could be a hardware thing?

I tried on 5512-X and 5515-X devices same results.

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