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Community Member

xauth / uauth ???????

I have been going thru the documents over the cisco website in aaa, firewalling and acs , and confused among the two terms ????

1. what is exactly uauth ? is it  a command or concept ? is it related to radius / tacacs+ ????

2. what is exactly xauth ? is it  a command or concept ?  is it only used for vpn authentication stuff.

Waiting for experts to reply....

Cisco Employee

Re: xauth / uauth ???????

xauth is extended authentication in vpn. this is also called as 1.5 IKE, this comes after phase 1 and

before phase 2.

in vpn's pre share key is one layer of security to authenticate the correct user, the second layer is xauth. so if someone needs to breach your network using vpn he will need to breach 2 walls.

and as you said this terminology is used in VPN

you can read more in the following link

u auth means user authentication, it is just a concept of authenticating users to control access

i think i would be right to say xauth uses u auth : )

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