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100BaseTX maximum number of segments


Network newbie here!

What is the maximum number of segments I can have on a 100BaseTX network?

I would like to network call entry devices for elevators in a high rise building. There would be a maximum of say of 8 call entry devices per floor but there could be a lot of floors e.g. 30.

My original thought was to place an 8 port switch on every floor and daisy chain all the switches but that adds up to 29 switches!?

Is this a sane approach?




Re: 100BaseTX maximum number of segments

I don't know the importance of call entry devices, but image if you had all of them daisey chained together and the switch on floor one went out. You just lost all devices! In a perfect world, you should have a run from each switch on each floor to a distribution switch somewhere. That way the loss of one switch will not affect any others. If that's not possible, maybe you could group a couple of floors together. Another thing to watch for is how much bandwidth they use. If all the switches are connected in a linear fashion, the last switch could be over utilized (all the switches above it may go through it for communication).

HTH and please rate.

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Re: 100BaseTX maximum number of segments

Thanks for the prompt reply!

Yes you are entirely right a failure of one switch could cut off the rest of the network. My application is low bandwidth but it is a good point you raised on the utilization.

My approach wasn't the best, thanks again for the much needed advice.


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