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2516 problem sending break command

I have just aquired two cisco 2516 routers. I am trying to perform a password recovery/reset. I am trying to follow the procedures in document ID 12722, however I notice that there are several aspects of the router that are disabled in the configuration, such as BREAK, diagnostic mode, etc. What is the best way to perform a password recovery when the standard methods will not work.

My apologies if this is not the forum for this type of question.

I have tried with terraterm secure crt hyperterm as well as putty. None of them can send the break commnad, I have even tried setti ng the baud to 1200 and holding the spacebar for 10-15seconds to force it into ROMmon, however that doesnt work either. Is it pointless to keep trying if all these modes are disabled or is there a physical workaround, IE jumpers, or a battery on the motherboard I can remove to clear the nvram?

Thank you and many blessings to your day.

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Re: 2516 problem sending break command

Hello Philip,

try CTRL+Break from hyperterminal use standard values 9600 bps

Hope to help


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Re: 2516 problem sending break command

Standard Break Key Sequence Combinations During Password Recovery

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