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2610 has no route for directly connected?

Well I've powered up my 2610 (Router Z) and connected it via Ethernet crossover to one of my old 2501's (Router A). The addresses are (A) and Router Z has CDP neighborship with Router A and Router A responds to a broadcast ping from Z. But when I try telnet or a unicast ping from Z to, nothing happens. (Making Eth0/0 the gateway of last resort at least fixes that, but I don't think I should have to resort to that just to get to a directly connected subnet.)

System image file is "flash:c2600-i-mz.120-3.T3"

Is what I'm seeing normal behavior? 2600's won't automatically have a route for directly connecteds?

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Re: 2610 has no route for directly connected?


No, all routers should have entries for directly connected routes.

Are your subnet masks consistent. Have you tried an extended ping from Z with source IP in 10.3.3.x network - yes i know it should work anyway.


Re: 2610 has no route for directly connected?

Well that was weird. I rebooted the 2610 and now everything's fine - I can unicast ping; and shows up in the table.

Hooray for reboots...

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