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871 Configuration for Exchange and OWA using Static IPS

I'm in the learning/testing stages for configuring a 871 for work.

No firewall enabled

* Easy VPN Server working

* NAT - PAT Overload working

* Windows XP using PPTP XP client to SBS server working

* Outbound HTTP requests are working

* Outbound Mail (Exchange forwarding to ISP) working

* Inbound mail not working

- can telnet to 25 from host

- can telnet to 25 from router

Results: Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version:

- telnet 25 results in command prompt refreshing with a "press any key to continue prompt"

- same results for 110

Tried, along with both addresses with the /exchange to get to OWA - no response.

Any suggestions?

Community Member

Re: 871 Configuration for Exchange and OWA using Static IPS

Added Note:

Since I'm swapping between connections to test after business hours, I decided to test telnet from home to our current working connection.

When I telnet to the address, I get connection with a flashing prompt. Pressing enter does nothing - usually have to kill the process to work.

Than I recalled we use Symantec Mail Security. This would mean the proxy would pick up the telnet request.

Even so, doesn't really explain the Press Enter to Continue when using the other equipment.

Any thoughts?

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