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access lists

Hi all, on an access list , what woulf wildcard mean ?


Re: access lists


Re: access lists

Hi, the wildcard tells what bits you want to ignore (bit set to 1) or not (bit set to 0) in a access-list.

For example, if you have, these means that with your access-list you are looking for all the addresses from to (you don't mind your last 8 bits)

With you don't mind last four bits.

Next url can be useful for you:


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Re: access lists

Hi Carl,

wild card means that you are creating ACL for source or/and destination network whose subnet mask is

for e.g, you want to restrict machines in (/28= subnet to access anything, then your ACl would look like this.

access-list 110 deny ip any

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Re: access lists

so all you do is minus the mask from 255 ?

Re: access lists

No that will not work. Please review the website I provided, it explains how to calculate it.

Re: access lists

to find wild card mask, you need to subtract subnet mask from

so for e.g if you want to find out wild card mask for subnet mask, you will do - = (wild card mask)

there are other ways too to calculate wild card mask .... depends which one you find easier to work with ....

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