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Accessing two identical networks

I have the following dilema. I have two private networks with the same subnet e.g. 192.168.0.X.

In each LAN I have several devices with IP addresses,, and so forth. Currently there is no connection between both LANs.

I need to address devices from both LANs from one station, but changing their IP addresses is not an option.

I need to know what type of equipment do we need to make this happen, if it is a router, a bridge or something else.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.


Re: Accessing two identical networks


If my understanding is not wrong on your Question.

You wanted to make the 2 different identical VLANS to communicate each other.

You need a L3 Capability Equipment to Route the Traffic between the different VLANS in different Subnets.

Since inside LAN, you can go for a L3 Featured CISCO Switch else if the LANS are located in different Branch Office better go for a CISCO Router.


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Guru Prasad R

Re: Accessing two identical networks

You will need routers - two of them. You will need to use NAT to translate the addresses so they look different - make net1 look like and net2 look like for example, so that within the network they use their local addresses, but outside communication makes them look like something else.

Cisco Employee

Re: Accessing two identical networks


You need a router doing NAT.

The simple reason is: for your host connecting to f.e. in LAN1 and in LAN2 both stations must have unique IP addresses. So the NAT requirement is: in LAN1 may be unchanged, but in LAN2 has to be translated in a free/unused IP subnet.

There are some documents describing the configuration details, like in "Translating Overlapping Address: Example"

You will find more documents searching for "overlapping address nat" in Cisco search.

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

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Re: Accessing two identical networks


Thank you for the prompt reply. I'll follow your sugestion and hopefully solve my problem.

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