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Adding IP routing address

I am using a PIX ASA5500 network appliance. And I am using the ASDM software to configure it. My question should be simple to answer.

I have an "example" I am out of IP address and I need to add more I would like to add and

Can someone please help with this it has to easy to do I just don't know how and this is my first router I have ever had to setup.

PS and I am worthless at the command line interface.

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Re: Adding IP routing address

Are you trying to add more address to use in your global nat or are you adding another interfaces to use those address?

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Re: Adding IP routing address


It will be too complicated while on trouble shooting any issues, you can try a class B subnet to over come this issue.

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Re: Adding IP routing address

Hi rcowheraocat,

(please Rate)

you can use VLSM in this csae.

I below link will help you to understand VSLM

And this link will help you in VLSM CIDR Subnet Calculator


Re: Adding IP routing address

change your netmask

To allow for - use

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