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advertising networks

Can anyone tell me why we have to advertise the networks that would be on my serial links i.e if I had 2 routers with serials on the same subnet, and othe networks on the ethernet interfaces, why can we just advertise the networks on the ethernets, why would we have to advertise the serials that are on the same subnet anyway ?

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Re: advertising networks

the way of network command depend in routing protocol, please which ip protocol are you talking about ?


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Re: advertising networks

I am using eigrp !!


Re: advertising networks

Hi Carl,

The reason for that is any routing protocol only gets activated for that interfaces if their ip or network are defined in that routing protocol configuation.

For suppose on your router eigrp config you do not include your serial interface network then eigrp will not work for serial interface and will only work for ethernet interface and if eigrp will not work for serial then the 2 routers on serial interface will not become neighbor for eigrp and will not carry ethernet network via serial to advertise to the remote end.

Now ethernet interface network is a part of eigrp but serial interface network is not so eigrp will not carry any information on interfaces which are not its part.

Once you configure serial interface network also in router eigro config eigrp will become active on serial interface also and will form a neighbor with the remote end and will carry ethernet interface network to the remote end.

HTH, if yes please rate the post.


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