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AP350 IP Issues

I'm setting up an AP350 access point which is connected to a 1721 router and a 1548 switch.

The 1721 is set with a static IP address of which the AP350 uses.

The wireless interface of the AP350 is configured to give out ip addresses through DHCP

My AP350 running-config is attached, the only new thing iv'e added is the dhcp settings using the following commands:

ip dhcp exclude-address

ip dhcp pool mypool


lease 10

DHCP ip addresses are given out to the computers which connect to the AP350 fine.

The problem is that the FastEthernet0 interface does not want to talk to the 1721.

Am I asking too much from the AP350 to work like this ??

The other odd thing is when I look at the running-config, it shows that the ip address of the FastEthernet) interface is indeed, but when I log onto the http GUI, it shows the IP address as being the same as the wireless interface i.e

Can anyone help ??

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Re: AP350 IP Issues

Couple of things.

First, the FastEthernet interface has bridging enabled with bridge-group 1, that means it's going to use whatever information is under BVI 1

interface BVI1

ip address

no ip route-cache

and ignore anything under F0.

Another thing, you are handing out IP address to the wireless network under the subnet, however your router is under subnet What device is going to route the packet from the segment to the segment and vice-versa? It can't be the 1721 router as it doesn't have any IP address in the subnet.


What you need to do is change the DHCP scope for the wireless for subnet

Exclude addresses so it can start high enough to avoid any address overlap with the current working subnet at the router.

Add the IP address under BVI 1, not F0. Also, you need to have an unique IP address under the wireless device and 1721. You can't share the same IP.




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