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Authorized Access

I have one pc in my office and one in my home. Office pc is running Windows XP and my home pc is on windows 98. Now i want to Access my office computer through my home computer. I have also installed (Remote Desktop Connection)(An XP facility) in Windows 98. After installing it i enter my office computer name in the box of (remote desktop connection)but the message is coming saying "The specified remote computer could not be found. Verify that you have the correct computer name or IP address, and then try connecting again". Can anyone tell me how i can remote access to another pc


Re: Authorized Access

Are you trying to access your office computer which I assume is physically located at your office .. from your home computer which I believe is located on a different location ... is this correct ..? Do you have a direct connection from your home to your office by means of a direct link or a remote VPN ..? You need to be able to 'Talk' to your office systems before you can establish any type of connection. Normally this can be done by a direct link such as frame relay but the most common scenario is by using a protected communication which is known as VPN using your home's internet connection as the transport.

Which one is your scenario ...? I am more than happy to guide you in the right track ..

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Re: Authorized Access

Yeah, My office computer is in my office and my home computer is in different location. (Direct connection means any cabling). and what is VPN. Actually i am new to networking field. I have one remote access software. and i want to connect to my office computer through that software. any my office computer is on the internet. and my computer is also on the net. so how can i connect to my office computer. and kindly tell me about VPN. thanxxxxx

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