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Bandwidth in device


Do I want I need to know as knowing the bandwith real of a connection that it passes over bridge of two ports of switch cisco.

is there any statics that help me know the bandwidth of my device wireless.

SW-3550-FA 0/24--BRIDGE--FA 0/24 SW-3550.

is there a way of doing this ?

is there any tools to doing it?



Re: Bandwidth in device

OSI layers introduce overhead, so you will never see maximum bandwidth in data transfer. If you want to measure practical bandwidth - just copy huge file over, and see how fast it copies. Or generate flood traffic by using something like HPING. Check the interface counters (use "load-interval 30" on interface to get more timely results).

Wireless devices are a bit elusive in this matter, since air conditions (interference) can suddenly change, altering connectivity parameters.

Re: Bandwidth in device

There is a free tool that I have had good sucess with. it's called iperf and was initialy developed for linux but there is a pre-compiled version for windows.

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Re: Bandwidth in device

Hello, Thanks for reply.

Can you told me how do you to used it step to step?.

I have tool in my machine.


Re: Bandwidth in device

You need to have the program installed on a device at each end of the link. For a windows install you just need to unpack, it doesn't modify the registry.

On one device run in server mode ( iperf -s ).

On the second device run in client mode, ( iperf -c ).

You may need to play arround with the client options especialy the -P option to make use of high bandwidth links.

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