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Bandwidth limit to the customers

Dear All,

Good day to you all.

I setup a samll LAN to one of my customer. The LAN consists of the following

1. Cisco catalyst WS-C2950-24SX- 01

2. ADSL Alcatel speedtouch router 128/64

for the Internet connection. ISP provides this device .

3. 5 hp PCS

Now the customer wants to limit the Internet bandwidth to each customers so that every one use 20 MB for both upload and download if more than that access the connection should be terminated.

How can I do it wth Cisco features?

Please help me.




Re: Bandwidth limit to the customers

it doesn't look like your DSL connection could handle 20MB total, let alone 20MB from 5 users simultaneously.

how fast if your DSL up/down?

also, the 2950 can perform storm-control (bandwidth based only; uses % of bandwidth)

switch# interface f0/1

switch-interface# storm-control unicast level 20 15

switch-interface# storm-control action shutdown

the above will provide a bandwidth limit for the port to receive traffic. if the bandwidth is => 20% then the port gets shutdown. if the bandwidth falls below 15% then the port is set to forward packets again.

perhaps storm-control for unicast packets can be used in this case:

or perhaps you can set your PCs to 10/full or check if the NICs have any capabilities.

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Re: Bandwidth limit to the customers


First I would you for your info.

Here the 20 MB is the LAN bandwidth to be limited to the per user basis. I will try it to update you.

Also Pls let me know about the Netflow concept and where can we implement in the real networking scenarios.

Thanks in advance



Re: Bandwidth limit to the customers

ciscos IOS Netflow is a product that meters/records network performance data and can be used to create solutions for netflow based network planning, billing and monitoring.

see link for more info:

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