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Banner MOTD Question

Well I am hoping to create a message that shows up on our switches as a kind of warning for people trying to logon. You know, don't tamper with this, call 1-800-blah-blah or assistance. My problem is that 'c' is the character that starts and ends the banner and my actual message is determined by our department and I can't get the whole message to show up. I get something like "This system will be monitored for unauthorized use. Please c" And the c for call ends the dang thing. How can I use the letter c in the banner without it ending the prematuraly? This is a very simple question I think, but I can't figure it out.


Re: Banner MOTD Question


You need to use a different character for the delimeter, as the command is like this:

banner login d message d

where "d" is the delimiting character. So, if you do something like:

banner login # message #

Then as long as you don't have "#" in the message you'll be ok.

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Re: Banner MOTD Question

it is not necessary to use the letter c, use can use any charecters in the alphabets, i would suggest you to use the letter Z, because in most case we never use the letter Z in upper case.

eg. banner motd Z

This is a banner for test purpose Z

with this you could able to display the exact message, when some is loggin on to the switch/rotuer.

hope your clear

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Re: Banner MOTD Question

When reading a running config, the banner is delimited with crtl-C and looks like: ^C in applications like notepad. When re-using this banner (copy-paste) the IOS set the starting character of the banner to ^ and interprets the C as the first character of the banner. The banner finishes when entering the second ^ and the C following that is simply ignored. To prevent this, most of the time I am using the / or \ as the start character. This resolves the issue. When re-applying a banner from a sh run or tftp file, you have to manually edit this. Another solution is to apply a config-script containing the proper start-end characters.



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Re: Banner MOTD Question


If you have given " " just for reference then it is ok, or else if you mean to say that " is the last character you are getting after c i dont know how can that can happen.Because whatever you have typed in between the delimiter, you should be able to see in 'sh run'.

This should be what you have typed to get such a result.

banner motd ^c "This system will be monitored for unauthorized use. Please c" ^c

I would like to add one more thing when we say banner it can span to multiple lines.for example if you type the following way

banner motd ^C "This system will be monitored for unauthorized use. Please ^C

^C call 1-800-blah-blah for assistance ^C

in 'sh run' you will be able to see only the first line. To get the whole message try this out:

banner motd #"This system will be monitored for unauthorized use. Please

call 1-800-blah-blah or assistance"#

you will now get both the lines.

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