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New Member

Basic VLAN Question

Hi all, I'm a bit new to the world of smart switches, so this is likely something very simple I'm overlooking.

I have a SG200-50 switch. When I assign it a management IP of, I can access it just fine for a certain amount of time. But if I go back later and try to access the web-based config screens, I suddenly can't. I can't even ping it.

I suspect the problem is that I haven't set up any VLANs on the switch, and so none of the switch ports are configured to be part of the management VLAN. But the default behavior is for every port to be an untagged trunk on VLAN 1 - correct?

So, why can't I access the switch?

Thanks for I said, I'm sure it's something really basic.

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New Member

Basic VLAN Question

Update: Still not sure what the problem is, but I'm homing in on it.

When plugged directly into the switch, everything works fine.

If I try to connect to the switch remotely (via a pre-existing VPN), I can't even ping it. But I can access everything else on the LAN just fine.

What's going on here? I can access every other device on the network, so it's not a problem with connectivity. And the switch isn't Layer 3, so why would it be inaccessible?


Cisco Employee

Re: Basic VLAN Question

Since you are able to reach all other device in that network, routing should be fine. As said by Elton, you have to check the default gateway configuration in the switch.

New Member

Re: Basic VLAN Question

It could possibly be that your VPN sets you up in a different subnet as your switch. If so does your switch have a default gateway configured? Can your switch ping the default gateway?

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New Member

Re: Basic VLAN Question

hi gfunkdave,

im agree with elton, sometimes vpn connection will give us new ip and route only to certain network.

need to check the basic routing


New Member

Re: Basic VLAN Question

I agree with what has been posted here already.  It sounds like you don't have a route to the management subnet via your VPN connection.  Check your advertised and allowed routes when connecting to the VPN to verify.  As for not being able to manage the switch via the web interface, I would ensure the vlan interface is up/up, and connected nodes are passing traffic.  If that is not the issue, it could potentially be a bug.  Hope you are able to resolve the issue.

Re: Basic VLAN Question

Hi there,

check you DHCP settings and specify the excluded address range (the router ip must belong to this range). after that remember that authentication always happens even if it is null authentication.

Default behaviour should be access port vlan 1 on each switchport and anyway you cannot terminate a VPN there without the switch config. you can just pass through

Happy studies