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boot system/reload commands

The flash on my switch houses 2 ios images. The new image is in my new created directory(drwx)and the current image is in the root of flash(-rwx)

I want to use the "boot system & reload" command but must my new IOS image be located in the root of the flash(-rwx)?

While reloading the switch will the new ios image know where to retrieve the new image??

I dont want to issue the reload command incase. So any guidance on this would be helpful.


Re: boot system/reload commands


when the switch boots, it will load the image defined with the ' boot system' command, it doesn't matter if it is located in the root of the flash or in a subdirectory (provided of course that your boot system statement is corect). If it cannot load the image defined by the statement, it will load the first image it finds in flash (which in your case would indeed by the one located in the root).



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Re: boot system/reload commands


The IOS image that you specify to boot from with the boot system configuration can point to a file stored in multiple locations. The path must be correct. With devices that have PCMCIA or Flash disks you can boot from those as well as flash: or bootflash:.

I have seen that if the image is not found the system will try to load the first file (not necessarily an IOS image) found. Hence if you have a any file (e.g. crashinfo, then upgraded IOS and deleted previous image) if the boot statement isn't correct you will fall into ROMMON and require manual boot.

Hope this Helps.


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