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Bridging Cisco AP1232 and AP1240

I have a wireless lan consisting of a AP1232(2*2.4 external antenna) + 2 AP1240 (2.4 external antenna) connected via a switch to a router/dhcp connected to DSL. Clients on this wlan work great. there is an additional wlan using a AP1232 (2*2.4 antenna) and another using a AP1240 (2.4 antenna) + AP1232 (2.4 antenna). All are using the same SSID and no vlan. I cannot bridge the two remote AP1232 to the primary AP1232 so that remote wlan clients get an IP and access to DSL. The associations all look ok and on the primary lan I can access the remote AP's.

Any advice?


Re: Bridging Cisco AP1232 and AP1240

Point-to-point wireless access with integrated wireless backhaul-In this application, two bridging access points (Cisco Aironet 1030) are interconnected via a wireless link. This holds good for any access points.Refer URL

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Re: Bridging Cisco AP1232 and AP1240

Thanks. This pointed me to the answers I needed. After some more research, the answer I needed is the following.

When bridging wirelessly with products such as 1232 or 1240 the key thing to understand is that an AP serving as a bridge is only a bridge. Set the SSID of the bridghe device to something different than the SSID of the APs for client connections. Ensure the radio/antennas are consistent among the bridges (i.e. 2.4 mhz). And set the role of the bridge to non-root bridge for all but the primary bridge (probably where your internet service provider and/or servers are).

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