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do broadcasts only happen at layer 2 ?


Re: broadcasts


Because broadcast frames are flooded out all ports on a switch the devices connected to the switch are in a broadcast domain.

Routers, which operate at Layer 3 of the OSI model, provide broadcast domain segmentation for each interface. Router by default drops all broadcasts


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Re: broadcasts

so can i send broadcasts to another subnet or can i only do them on that subnet ?

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Re: broadcasts

What type of broadcast are you thinking of? For a dhcp broadcast you would configure an ip helper address in interface configuration mode to route that type of broadcast traffic to the dhcp server.

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Re: broadcasts

just in general really, as i thought routers dont forward broadcasts, they onlt happen on a lan ?


Re: broadcasts

Just a minor correction / clarification:

Flooding is not the same as broadcasting.

Broadcasting implies a destination MAC of (by convention) all ones.

Flooding (like what happens when a switch doesn't have the destination MAC in the forwarding table) means that the un-altered frame is transmitted out all ports (except the port from which the frame arrived).

Short story:

Broadcast: all-ones destination MAC, transmitted out all connected ports (because the destination address matches all hosts)

Flooding: all-port transmission of the unaltered frame. No change in the destination MAC.



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Re: broadcasts

Generaly, routers only send broadcasts for their own use, such as arp, just like any node on a network. However, the router may support "directed broadcasts" also called "subnet broadcasts"


Lets say I am on network and can reach network accross one or more routers. I can send to the IP address This would be the IP broadcast address for the network. When the router for that network receives the IP directed-broadcast packet, it will forward it out that network using layer 2 broadcast so that all nodes on that net will receive it.

This behavior can be turned on and of with the "ip directed-broadcast" IOS command in interface config mode.

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