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Broken 806?

Hi! I have an older 806 router here, which gives errors when rebooting. A capture (by hyperterminal, see attachment) shows that after a reboot, a "watchdog" resets the device again.

It was doing this before, and I thought maybe a broken IOS, so I managed to TFTP the IOS c806-sy6-mz.122-4.YA11.bin into the device.

The Watchdog doesn't always come at once, sometimes I manage to get over two questions in the initial configuration dialog, once I managed to get TFTP working.

So, it doesn't seem to be due to a broken IOS, but maybe someone can give me a hint about this error?

Thanx in advance,



Re: Broken 806?


A watchdog timeout implies that some process has died, and has been dead for a period of time that the "watchdog" expired.

A watchdog is a software safety process designed to prevent "The Eternal Hang" it either restarts the devcice, restarts the process (until sucessful), for fails the process and reports an error.

The "PC" mentioned is the "Program Counter," the "SP" is the Stack Pointer.

The number following the PC and SP are the addresses of the process(es) that died.

Either your firmware is looking for hardware that is not there, the hardware has died, or perhaps you have a bad RAM location.

Try a different / lesser image, and or (probably) you'll need to RMA the router.

Good Luck


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Re: Broken 806?

I didn't check yet if the PC and SP were the same values every time. I'll check that (on thursday). If that's the case, I'll try to install another IOS, maybe that hangs in another routine. And since the unit is somewhat older, I can try to check the memory sockets...


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Re: Broken 806?

I tried an other IOS: same errors, same values even. I opened up the device: no exchangeable memory available (the single 100-pin SIMM-slot was empty), so there was also nothing to do.

I'll tell my boss to get in contact with our Cisco-partner...

Thanx anyway!

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