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campus manager discovery tips lms2.5.1, can not discover 4 devices

I am currently trying to discover 16 devices on a class C network. All devices are configured for SNMP and have CDP turned on. I can discover 12 out of 16 devices. The four devices that i can not discover do not show any pattern to the ones I can discover, Ie the configuration is the same, community string is correct etc. We are running two distribution switches and I have set the Distribution 2 as the Seed. I feel if i set the other distribution as another seed it will discover the other four (however I would like to get the answer why prior to doing this). Any tips/help would be appreciated.


Re: campus manager discovery tips lms2.5.1, can not discover 4 d

Did you verify if CW is actually receiving SNMP replies from the missing devices?

You can run snmpwalk from the command prompt on the CW server:

%ProgramFolder%\CSCOpx\objects\jt\bin\snmpwalk -v 1 -c community

If the system is unresponsive, check if you have reachability from CW server using ping and traceroute.

Review your configuration. Pay attention to the management VLAN, VLAN 1 by default. Does it have (correct) a default-gateway configured?

For background information on Campus Manager ANI discovery I recommend that you read the following document:



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PS CiscoWorks related questions can be posted in the Network Infrastructure > Network Management forum. This would give you a better chance getting quick anwsers.

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Re: campus manager discovery tips lms2.5.1, can not discover 4 d

thanks for the reply, i will give the doco a read.


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