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Can not ping External

I have a router sitting out on the public network, set up FE to allow internal access. (Tested and successful) But can not ping anywhere out in the public addresses from both the router and the internal network. Can not find a command that seems to help. Please let me know where to look.


Re: Can not ping External

Got any access lists? Did you remember the implicit "deny all" at the end?

Maybe a default route issue?

Maybe the carrier denies pings of certain sizes, try other sizes using the "extended ping" (at the command line, just enter "ping" and answer the questions ....using a different ping packet size).

Good Luck


New Member

Re: Can not ping External

Check the following

Are you unable to ping any ip address / hostname or any specific destination. If it is any IP then check the following.

1. show ip route - to check whether you have a default route pointed. If you have a default route pointed in the router, you should be able to ping from the router. Provided you have legal IP address configured on the serial interface.

2. Ae you using private ip addresses on the lan? If yes, you may have to setup NAT properly.

Pls. let me know if that helps.

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